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What is the meaning of the word "FLEMME" ? 

FLEMME is a french word of the slang used to indicates that you are too lazy to realize a task or an activity.

In France, we say "J'ai la flemme"

The creator of the brand confides: 

"It all started in the Paris subway. I was returning from a walk with a friend when in a conversation, I confided to her, in a humorous tone, that I hated people who asked me where I buy my clothes. I like to have pieces that no one has and that are a little out of the ordinary. So I said : "It would be really cool if a brand was called FLEMME! When they ask me where I bought my t-shirt, I will simply answer them.. FLEMME! “But little did I know that this conversation was about to change the course of my life. 

How are the items for sale on your online store made?

"Mainly using screen printing (textile printing technique). I bought all the necessary equipment and I work very hard every day to realize my different ideas and desires. Not having my own premises yet, I works from home." 

Why did you learn screen printing?

"I decided to stop studying after my baccalaureate. I knew I wanted to create my clothing brand but I had no idea how to actually do it. So I started looking around hundreds videos on the internet, that's how I discovered screen printing. It takes a lot of time and energy but this process is much more economical. So, I can get up in the morning and print a t-shirt which I thought in the night, without needing to do the photo editing, take it to the printer, pay and wait days and days before receiving it. "



At 20 years old, IVY GABRIELLE, the creator of the brand, decided to create her clothing brand.

In a short time, she learned to sew, embroider and screen print.


In 2021, she created MY FLEMME 


Very quickly, Ivy opened her YouTube channel to share behind the scenes of her brand but also her first steps as female entrepreneur.



Youtube : MY FLEMME
Instagram : @myflemme_
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